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At Goodall-Witcher, our world-class surgical team, under the leadership of Dr. Carter Smith, has experience in a wide range of procedures, providing the best in surgical care in an advanced facility and using state-of-the-art equipment. With care close to home, Bosque County residents can be assured of the highest level of expertise with the comfort of a familiar environment.

Among the surgeries our team performs at Goodall-Witcher are appendectomies, cholecystectomies, colonoscopies, hernia repairs, cesarean sections, tubal ligations, skin excisions, biopsies, pain injections, wound debridement, and placement of ports and PICC lines. Many of the surgeries we perform can be done laparoscopically.

We also provide outpatient IV infusions, blood transfusions and wound care.

For patients needing more complex surgery, we facilitate transfer to higher acuity facilities where our surgeon also has operating privileges.