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Outpatient Rehabilitation

Goodall-Witcher Healthcare offers comprehensive physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy in an outpatient setting.  

Our clinical staff are highly skilled and compassionate integrating both patient care and education for adults and children.

Our therapists treat patients diagnosed with a range of disorders and diseases, including orthopedic and neurological conditions.  The therapy provided is highly individualized to each patient based on a thorough evaluation and periodic reevaluations.  Each patient is provided with a customized home program to promote independence. 

Physical Therapy Services:  Promotes restoration of function and health for patients with physical impairments due to injury or illness.

Occupational Therapy Services:  Focuses on restoring a patient’s ability to perform daily activities, work duties and hobbies in an effort to decrease functional deficits. 

Speech-Language Therapy Services:  Rehabilitation to maximize recovery from speech, language and/or swallowing disorders. 

In addition to the above services, the Goodall-Witcher Rehabilitation Department has developed a variety of specialized programs, including Pediatric PT, OT, and ST; Women’s Health; Sports Rehab; and Modified Barium Swallow Studies conducted in conjunction with our speech therapist and radiologist.

To find out more about how our rehab team can help get you back to living your best life, call 254-675-7955.