Price Transparency


State and Federal law requires that all U.S. hospitals post prices on their website. Goodall-Witcher Healthcare is pleased to comply but cautions readers that individual charges may not be an accurate picture of what appears on your bill. For example, certain Laboratory tests may be grouped together in a single charge that is lower than the sum of the prices of the individual tests.

Goodall-Witcher Healthcare/MDSave Price Estimator

Discounted prices for uninsured/underinsured patients as well as insured patients who wish to pay for their services in advance and file their own insurance. This will also give you the allowable amount for most insurance plans.

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List of Charges

Machine-readable file containing all of Goodall-Witcher Healthcare’s current prices (commonly called a Chargemaster or CDM). This file also includes both the Clifton and Whitney Clinic prices.

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List of Standard Charges

Revised July 20, 2023

Machine-readable file for all Goodall-Witcher locations containing negotiated prices with major insurance companies.

(link the machine-readable file here)

Other discounts may be available based on Goodall-Witcher Healthcare’s Financial Assistance Policy. You are welcome to call or visit the hospital for details and an application.

Patient financial staff are ready to assist you during normal business hours and are available either in person or over the phone. Please call 254-675-8322, extension 7305 to speak to a qualified person that is experienced in handling price quotes.

If you are interested in obtaining out-of-pocket costs for a given service, we recommend contacting Goodall-Witcher Healthcare first. Insurance companies do have access to both hospital and physician charges and payment and may be a good source of information.

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Financial Assistance

Healthcare billing can be complex and daunting. Explanations that made sense a week ago may not be relevant today. Our professional staff members pride themselves on being able to provide the most current information about Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance coverage policies to our patients. We are here to help our patients navigate this complex world in any way we can, whether it is making sure that  insurance plans process claims correctly or arranging for payment plans to meet patient needs.

As part of its commitment to exceptional community care, Goodall-Witcher Healthcare provides financial assistance to patients who meet certain eligibility requirements. This includes patients who do not have health insurance and are unable to pay their hospital bill as well as patients who have health insurance but are unable to pay their portion of the hospital bill after insurance pays.

Our financial aid policies reflect Goodall-Witcher Healthcare’s dedication to working together with our patients in a compassionate and caring manner to identify options for resolving their financial obligations.

Help is available by completing a financial assistance application. Once completed, the application and documents can be emailed to Karla Rodriguez; faxed to 254-675-8007, or mailed to P.O. Box 549, Clifton, TX 76634. Required documents MUST accompany application, or it cannot be processed.

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Overview of Financial Assistance

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